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DIY Musical Instrument Electronics Builds By Charlie Escher
This is a hobby...nothing to sell here.

Rack Format Bass Amp :

PW8B Front Panel

Passinwind PW8B: solid state, 500 watts @ 4 ohms

Rack Format Bass Preamps :

Passinwind 4B: solid state, Fender passive tone stack

Passinwind 5B: solid state, active Baxandall tone stack, effects/aux mix section

Passinwind 6B: tube, active bass/mids, passive treble; 1-6SL7, 2-6SN7s in Aikido topology

Passinwind 7B: solid state, active bass/mids, passive treble, effects send, effects return/aux input, Jensen output transformer


PW7B V2 Bass Preamp (1/2 rack width)

Speaker cabs : Passinwind DIY Cabs Page

IcePower amp with custom DSP programming
Rane RPM26z speaker management system used for bass guitar, including EFX mixing
Fender 30 guitar amp


PW6B Tube Bass Preamp Version 2

PW3B Onboard Preamp

PW3B Onboard Bass Preamp