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PW8B Solid State Bass Amp:

PW8B v2

650 Watts @ 4 ohms, ICEpower 700ASC Module
12" x 9.75" x 3.3", 8.8 lbs.
Other specs as below:

PW8B Original Version


500 Watts @ 4 Ohms, ICE 500ASP Module
One Band Fully Parametric EQ w/Bypass
Variable High Pass Filter w/Bypass
Active Bass/Mids, Passive Treble w/Asymmetric Boost/Cut
Jensen Transformer On Power Amp Input
Aux Input/EFX Return
EFX Send

HPF/PEQ Board:

High Pass Freq Response Curves


PEQ Response Curves, F= 480Hz
Nominal Range 160-1600Hz (switchable)

PEQ FRC Sweeps


Sound Clips:

Amp EQ Demo, Miked 15/6/1 Cab, Crescent Moon Fretless

Short solo clip, same cab and bass
Flac version of solo bass clip