PW6B Front

PW6B Internal

Developed using extensive Spice modeling
1-6SL7, 2-6SN7s, Jensen input and output transformers
Bass and mid tone controls are active, treble is passive and completely non-interactive with other tone controls
Huge output swing: up to 22 volts RMS available into 10K ohm load when not using 4:1 stepdown transformer, 6 volts RMS when doing so
Aikido line stage, regulated DC heater filament supply

1955 Sylvania      6SL7WGT             National Union VT229

1955 Sylvania 6SL7WGTs, mid 40s National Union VT-229
Various 50s era 6SN7s, currently Sylvania and GE GTBs

Sound Clips: BSX electric upright, recorded straight to sound card
  Crescent Moon fretless with Q-Tuner pickups, direct

  Crescent Moon fretless with Q-Tuner pickups second cut, direct, w/post-processing