DIY Cabs

      3 way cab, horn      loaded mid                          15/15/6/1, horn loaded mid

         BMS 15N630 woofers, 18Sound 6ND410 midrange, BMS 4540ND tweeter, 3-way passive crossover in top box

         BMs 15/6/1 cabs
                        BMS 15N630, B&C 6MD38, BMS 4552ND on 18Sound XT1086
  Biamping and EFX mixing via Rane RPM26z speaker management system
Symetrix 525 compressor, Orban 642B parametric EQ, Lexicon MPX550, Crest XR-20

fEArful 12/6                    15/6/1 w/KL 3015LF
fEARful 12/6 w/18Sound 6ND410 midrange, Passinwind custom crossover                         Eminence Kappalite 3015LF, B&C 6MD38, BMS 4540ND

fEARful DIY Cab Website w/free plans and great tech support forum